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Christmas Party

On 26th of December, as every year we held a Christmas meeting for the seafarers who are glad to be on land during Christmas as they can enjoy social, humanitarian and spiritual care. Such was the situation in Gdynia, too. We did not forget those seafarers who were at sea and included them in our prayers. First we sang a Christmas carol then we read the Gospel about Jesus' Birth. Next the chaplain expressed his Christmas wishes after which we shared the wafer. The seafarers took the white bread into their hands and following the Polish tradition shared it with all the others present quite independent of their race and beliefs. they also received gifts.

The Stella Maris Choir made the event special for them, singing Polish and English carols. The seafarers said the experience was great and unforgettable in their lives. The presence of the chaplain who stayed with them made them realize the importance of the chaplain so that the Church becomes their true home.

I would like to add that on January 8th, the Bishop Promoter will celebrate the Eucharist for the representatives of the maritime institutions and then we will also share the wafer expressing our wishes to one another.

With best wishes for the New Year

Fr. Edward Pracz
AOS Regional Coordinator
for Europe

PS.: You can view the pictures from the Christmas Party in the Gallery.


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by Dr. Radut.